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Wanda Baker

integrative counselling


Looking for a counsellor can be overwhelming…

Where do you start? There are over 450 different styles of counselling, so here is a little information about me and my style of working.

I am an Accredited Therapist of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy with over 28 years experience.  I feel passionate about my work and believe each person is capable of achieving their full potential.

Part of my formal training was to enter therapy myself, so as a client I have experienced a variety of counselling styles. Life throws all sorts of obstacles in our way so I have walked in the shoes of pain, loss, transition and death.

I work in a very interactive way - I do not just sit and listen. There are many ways of working with people to help relieve psychological pain. Everyone is unique and I therefore adapt my working style to suit the individual.

I am committed to supporting others through times of pain and transition. Over the years, as well as working in private practice, I have gained a wealth of experience in a variety of settings, including the NHS, Mencap and a Youth and Community Centre.  

I have additional qualifications and in-depth experience of working with survivors of childhood abuse, rape for males and females in adulthood, as well as trauma of any type.

I am a genuine and warm person with an empathic, non-judgemental approach to my clients. My humorous down to earth nature is creative, solid, and challenging when appropriate.

I do not work with couples under 18 years of age.

Please call for an informal chat 01189 714674.