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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be very scary indeed when you have them - especially for the first - and are in fact quiet common occurring in up to five percent of the population. They are defined by a sudden onset of intense apprehensive fear and terror,  whilst accompanied by many physical symptoms such as dizziness, difficulty in breathing, palpitations, jelly legs, chest pains, tingling sensations, shaking, sweating and feelings of unreality.

The symptoms are often accompanied by very negative thinking, for example:

• I am going to die

• I am going mad / crazy

• I am going to faint

• I am going to have a heart attack.

Often by continuing to think these thoughts they make the symptoms worse so that an upwardly spiraling vicious circle of thoughts and physical symptoms  is created.

Panic attacks are one of the symptoms of a build up of stress. People who experience panic attacks seem to be those who experience stress in their cardiovascular systems.

Often, the symptoms of panic produce a level of worry and stress that these symptoms become a greater problem than the original stress.

I can help you overcome / manage your panic attacks by using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques and by looking at your general stress levels and life style.