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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes any form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse between people in a close relationship. It can take a number of forms such as physical assault, sexual abuse, rape, threats and intimidation.

It may also be accompanied by other kinds of intimidation such as degradation, mental and verbal abuse, humiliation and systemic criticism.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation.  It happens when one person believes they are entitled to control another.

Domestic violence escalates.  Anyone and everyone can be battered. Gays lesbians,  men,  woman, children, the elderly, disabled people, brothers, sisters mums and dads etc.

Woman can also commit domestic violence on men. Men can be ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it.

Confidence and self esteem can and is usually destroyed.

Other people can often ask ‘Why don’t you just leave him / her ‘. It is not always easy to do this.

Domestic violence can be a complicated matter to untangle and understand. I can you help through this very difficult transition by offering you support strategies and psycho-education.