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Wanda Baker

integrative counselling

Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse

People often think that sexual abuse is more damaging than emotional and physical abuse. This is not correct. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse can all have very damaging effects.

Issues that can arise from all three of the above are low self esteem, lack of confidence, anger, depression, anxiety,  body issues, problems with ntimacy, self harm, issues around trust, sexual problems, sexual  identity confusion, panic attacks…the list goes on.

Males and females are sexually abused by either gender.  If you have been abused you are not alone. Some statistics say one in three girls and one out of seven boys will be abused by the age of eighteen.

Abuse happens to children of every  culture, class, race, religion and gender. Children are abused by fathers, stepfathers, uncles, aunts, neighbours, family friends, baby sitters, teachers, strangers, mothers, clergy.

All abuse is damaging and the trauma does not end when the abuse stops. If you were abused as a child you are probably experiencing long term effects that interfere with your day-to-day functioning.

I can help you work your way through the maze of pain. I can show you the life you are entitled to lead. I have been working in this field for over 10 years and have a specialist qualification in "working with adult survivors of abuse."