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Wanda Baker

integrative counselling


Stress is usually related to overload. Causes of stress can be:

• Work or unemployment

• Money worries

• Loneliness

• Moving

• Bereavement

• Divorce

• Illness

• Poor social skills

• Becoming a parent

Stress can effect your physical, intellectual and emotional functioning. Some of the symptoms of stress can be :

• Loss of concentration

• Loss of memory

• Inability to make decisions

• Inability to problem solve

• Difficulty in dismissing  problems from the mind.

• Cotton wool head

• Feeling low /dulled

• Anger and irritability increase

• No joy, pleasure or laughter

• Active love and caring has lessened / disappeared

• Frequent tears

I can help you recognise the causes of stress in your life; help you recognise how stress makes you feel;  help you with methods for dealing with stress.