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Wanda Baker

integrative counselling

Rape and Sexual Assault

Being face to face with a rapist is a terrifying experience. Being face to face with a balaclava even more so, because what we cannot see is more frightening than what we can see. For however long the attack lasts the rapist has absolute power of the victim.

Some victims are violated in other ways than  penetration, including being forced to drink urine, swallow ejaculate or eat faeces. They often feel they are the only ones who have been assaulted in this way.

Rape and sexual assault shatters the belief we are safe, plunging us into a world in which we are conscious, all the time of danger both real and imagined.

The rape of a well balanced adult will cause post-sexual shock symptoms which may include alienation, agoraphobia, chronic anxiety, panic attacks and illnesses causes by acute stress.

I can help you put back together the pieces of your life by using various strategies / methods in a safe nurturing environment.