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Wanda Baker

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Tension and anxiety are common problems. About one tenth of the population every year will see their doctor because they feel tense or anxious.

Anxiety is a normal healthy reaction. It happens to everyone at times of danger or in worrying situations. When you are anxious your bodily systems speed up. In certain circumstances this can be an advantage. It means you are ready for action and enables you to respond quickly if necessary. Moderate amounts of anxiety actually improve performance, spurring you on to greater achievements.

Anxiety only becomes a problem when it interferes with your performance or your every day life.

When we feel anxious a chain of automatic events occurs in our bodies which prepares us for action.  We can start to feel the following bodily sensations:

• Palpitations

• Shortness of breath

• Panic sensations

• Tight chest/pains in chest

• Skin irritation

• Aching muscles

• Needing to go to the toilet often

• Dizziness

• Pins and needles

Anxiety can feel frightening.  Sometimes people think they are having a heart attack or are going mad though neither may be happening.  

Anxiety can really knock your confidence.  I can help you to overcome these symptoms and manage your Anxiety.